Training videos

Training videos.


Training videos are a very important aspect to our video production services. We have produced many training videos over the years. From the Initial meeting with the client. To script writing and production planning we will guide you through the production process. 

Online training.

DVD is really a format of the past. Online video training is the future. Contact us to find out how we can place your training videos on your website.


With the use of tablets and smart phones increasing. Online trainng videos are becoming the most convenient way of training your staff. They allow people to train in thier own time. In the home or work place.

Training videos

Video Image productions. Have produced training videos for hair extensions to Underwater welding. 

Picture on the right. Taken at Telsa Magnets. Who make the magnets for C.E.R.N. in Switzerland. (Large Hadron Collider) We provided a video camera crew to shoot the training video. For the Pro Styles training video. We even constructed the set on their premises. This had the advantage of cutting the costs of the shoot. All post production was provided by us. Including voice over studio and the artist.

video camera crew hire

Stages for training video production.

Stage 1 Initial consultation. 

We can travel to you and discuss what you require. Also give you advice on the best way forward for your video. Also help to translate your ideas into the visual form.

Stage 2 Story boarding.

This is the stage of the video where each scene is drawn out in a pictorial form. This helps the client visualise the shooting scenes, and the final video.

Stage 3 The shoot.

Video Image Productions will organise sets and locations for your video shoot. VIP also provide actors, presenters and voice over artists if needed by the client.