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Event videos. 'Create lasting memories that will promote your brand, captivate your audience. And define your organisation.'

Event videos. Produced by us can capture the spirit of the event. To share with those that could not be there. Showcase your brand or get your message across in a variety of different ways. Which then can become your most powerful marketing tool.  It is an opportunity to share your event with a much wider audience. By placing it on your website or sharing the video on social media.  At Video Image Productions we aim to provide an honest, straight-forward and professional relationship with our clients. We will endeavour to work very closely with you. Throughout your live event video. So that your event can be captured forever and leave a lasting impression on your audience. We have experience is filming many live events from conferences, lectures to theatre productions and pop concerts.

event videos

Types of event videos

Types of event videos filming.

Any event can be filmed by us. 

  • Talks or Seminars.
  • Award Ceremonies.
  • Networking Events.
  • Launch Events.
  • Conferences.
  • Filming beforehand to be played at your event.
  • Pop and rock concerts.
  • Theatre productions.

Multi camera filming.

We can provide up to 4 video camera crews to cover your event. If you wish us to edit the final video footage we have post production facilities. For editing Full 1080P and 4K video footage. We can also supply the video footage from the event video for you to edit yourself.

For live music events we can take a sound feed from your mixing desk straight to camera or to a digital recorder.

Event highlights.

We also provide an event highlights services giving you the customer a condensed edited video showing the highlights of your event. This can be shared on your website or sent via email links.

event highlights

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